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Delaware Winter Turfgrass Seminar 2021-2022

Although we would much rather see you in person, the Delaware Winter Turfgrass Seminar will be hosted 100% online.

There are some wonderful educational topics lined up to provide users with wide range of learning experiences and CEC’s for both nutrient management and pesticide certifications. All courses will require completion of a quiz in order to receive nutrient management and pesticide credits. 

All of the talks will be pre-recorded and will be one hour in length. The talks will be released periodically throughout the late fall and winter. Release dates are listed below. 

You may purchase each individual talk for $15, or you may purchase the entire package of talks for $65 (a $10 discount!).

Approved Credits:

  • DE Nutrient Mgmt Credits - 3.5 
  • DE Pesticide Credits - 1.0
  • MD Nutrient Mgmt Credits - 3.5
  • MD Pesticide Credits - 4.0
  • NJ Nutrient Mgmt ProFact Credits - 7.0
  • PA Nutrient Mgmt Credits - Pending
  • PA Pesticide Credits - 2.0


  • Dr. Mike Goatley - Virginia Tech University (11-29-2021)
  • John Emerson - University of Delaware (12-20-2021 & 01-19-2022)
  • Geoff Rinehart - University of Maryland College Park & National Turfgrass Federation (01-05-2022)
  • Charanpreet Kaur - University of Delaware (02-09-2022)


Schedule of Seminar: 


Release Date: November 29, 2021

Dr. Mike Goatley, Professor and Extension Specialist at Virginia Tech University

“Doing More With Less” 

0.5 DE Nutrient Management CEU

0.5 MD Nutrient Management CEU

2.0 MD Pesticide CEU



Dr. Goatley shares observations and information he has compiled over 30 years of interactions with university colleagues and green industry professionals on the never ending quest of doing more with less.  Dr. Goatley details the importance of constant review and assessment of what has, or has not, worked in the past regarding the 'real' costs of products that also consider the factors of time, labor and customer satisfaction. He concludes the presentation with thoughts on the value of working with professionals to optimize your business operation through marketing, enhanced communication skills for your employees, and continuing education for all. 


Release Date: December 20, 2021

John Emerson, Extension Agent at the University of Delaware

“Starting A Soil Testing Program - Value Added”

1.0 DE Nutrient Management CEU

1.0 MD Nutrient Management CEU


Soil testing is a fundamental agronomic practice that analyzes a soils nutrient status and provides a baseline to assist you in development of your nutrient management plans. Properly managing nutrients can avoid wasted applications, save money, and keep our environmental footprint to a minimum.  Soil sampling is often overlooked and underutilized and Mr. Emerson will dive into the in’s & out’s of soil sampling, understanding the results, and lastly, how to incorporate a soil sampling program into your business as an added value to better serve your clientele and generate revenue. 


Release Date: January 5, 2022

Geoff Rinehart - Turfgrass Management Lecturer at University of Maryland College Park and Coordinator of the “Grass Roots Initiative” for the National Turfgrass Federation

"A Review of Herbicide Products and Best Management Practices for Turfgrass Weed Control"

1.0 DE Pesticide CEU


2.0 MD Pesticide CEU

This presentation will include a review of IPM for turfgrass weed control approaches, including cultural practices and turfgrass variety selection to reduce weed encroachment and the use of "spot applications" to pinpoint product use. Timing of product use and the major products in each category of weed control in turfgrass will be discussed.  


Release Date: January 19, 2022

John Emerson - Extension Agent at the University of Delaware 

Using Technology to Increase Efficiency and Accuracy for Tracking Nutrient Applications”  

1.0 DE Nutrient Management CEU

1.0 MD Nutrient Management CEU


With many advancements in GPS systems, aerial imagery, and statistical applications, keeping an accurate account of your nutrient inputs can significantly improve business efficiency.  This talk will cover a variety of methods to better track nutrient applications in order to make record-keeping and reporting a seamless process. 


Release Date: February 9, 2022

Charanpreet Kaur - Ph.D Student and Research Assistant at the University of Delaware 

“PGR’s -101”

1.0 DE Nutrient Management CEU

1.0 MD Nutrient Management CEU


Plant growth regulators can provide a plethora of plant health benefits for all of our turfgrass species.  From improved turf quality and stress tolerance to reduced clippings and labor, PGR’s are another tool that turfgrass managers should consider implementing into their agronomic practices.




Start: November 29, 2021
End: February 9, 2022
University of Delaware Cooperative Extension

University of Delaware Paradee Center, Transportation Circle, Dover, DE, USA

Transportation Circle 69
19901 Dover DE
United States

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