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Delaware Master Naturalist Local Organizing Partner Application

A Local Organizing Partner (LOP) is an environmental organization (nonprofit, government, etc) that agrees to provide volunteer opportunities for Delaware Master Naturalists. The LOP works closely with trained Master Naturalists to coordinate and execute Master Naturalist volunteer projects that are of benefit to Delaware's environment and natural resources.  LOPs will recruit Delaware Master Naturalist Volunteers into the program and are encouraged to work with other organizations in order to maximize the Delaware Master Naturalist mission.  The statewide program will also connect interested individuals with your organization as an LOP.  There is no cost to register as a LOP. Once accepted to the program, LOPs will receive a Local Organizing Partner Resource Manual which will be a guide to the Delaware Master Naturalist program and the LOP's role as a part of it.  Please visit the Delaware Master Naturalist website for more information:

Please contact the Delaware Master Naturalist State Program Coordinator with questions, concerns, or for a paper copy of the application:

Blake Moore
University of Delaware Cooperative Extension

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