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Community Supported Agriculture

1 July - 1 November 2021

UD Fresh to You is piloting a student-run community supported agriculture (CSA) program for University of Delaware employees. Over the years, the farm has seen many transitions, including becoming certified organic. Now students and leadership in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources will offer these delicious vegetables to the University community.

SizeDescription Total 19 weeks
(1/2 bushel)
Perfect for two people who are veggies lovers or a family trying to incorporate more veggies into their diet.

(1 bushel)
Great for veggie lovers and for families! If you are interested in preserving food for the winter, this is a great option.


*This equates to $15.98 per week.
**This equates to $23.68 per week.

For more information visit our CSA website:


Start: 1 July 2021
End: 1 November 2021
UD Fresh to You

531 South College Avenue, Newark, DE, USA

South College Avenue 531
19716 Newark DE
United States

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